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Professor Murry Salby and his dismissal from Macquarie University

In a story reported in The Australian newspaper today, based upon postings on climate change related blogs, several allegations attributed to Professor Murry Salby are made against Macquarie University. These allegations are false.

Macquarie University strongly supports the rights of academic staff to pursue and disseminate their research work, and associated opinions independently.

The University provided the resources needed to allow Professor Salby to conduct his research including start-up funding of several hundred thousand dollars, and supported his applications for 2 prestigious fellowships which included commitments of over $1 million dollars in support, contingent on the success of his application.

Professor Salby's employment was not terminated in any way related to his views on climate science, but rather due to misconduct in two areas. The first was his repeated refusal to teach, over a sustained period of time, in contravention of his contract of employment.  

The second reason was inappropriate use of University resources. Professor Salby travelled to Europe during a time when he was obliged to be at the University against direct, written instruction. Furthermore he used a University credit card to pay for the flights through an unapproved agency. This is against University policy.

It is true that his return flight was cancelled in an attempt to prevent the unauthorised travel and limit the unauthorised expenditure.  This was done in error and the University is reviewing relevant processes.

At all times, due process has been followed in these matters, both before and since formal proceedings commenced, according to the enterprise agreement, and with external independent oversight.

This message was sent by Professor S Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor.

Contact: Melanie Harris

Phone: Ext: 7489

Publish Date: 12 Jul 2013