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Update on proposed changes to Chiropractic at Macquarie

Today I have conveyed the University's decision to proceed with the Chiropractic transfer proposal. Read more . . .

Dear Macquarie staff,

As you may be aware, for a month up to 24 May we have been in consultation with staff of the Department of Chiropractic and their union representatives over a proposal to talk to other interested higher education providers about the transfer of our chiropractic program.

We have also provided information about the proposal to many other groups inside and outside the University, including students, alumni, other universities and professional chiropractic bodies.

Today I have provided staff of the Department and their representatives with responses to the feedback they submitted and thanked them for their engagement with and input into the change process.

I have conveyed the University's decision, after careful consideration of this feedback, to proceed with the proposal and also provided an implementation plan for the proposal's next stage.

You may recall that this proposal was based on the Faculty of Science's strategic decision to focus on research-intensive areas, such as biomedical science and engineering. While we consider our chiropractic degrees to be of the highest teaching quality, and extremely popular with students, chiropractic at Macquarie is not considered to be research intensive.

Over the next 2-3 months the University will undertake a robust process of gathering and considering expressions of interest from other external education providers. We expect this process to be concluded by September, at which point we will communicate the outcomes to the University community and other stakeholders such as chiropractic professional bodies. We understand that some staff and students will want to know more about how the expression of interest process is being conducted and with whom, but as it involves commercially sensitive information and information subject to privacy laws, this is unfortunately not possible.  

I would like to reiterate our long-term commitment to our currently-enrolled chiropractic students and our assurance that they, and students who enrol in 2014 and who meet the requirements of their degrees within a reasonable timeframe, will graduate with a Macquarie University qualification that will enable them to go on to be practising chiropractors. In other words: students who are enrolled prior to any transfer will be able to complete their Macquarie University Masters in order to qualify as a practising chiropractor regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in the Masters, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate or Bachelor's program.

We will of course keep you updated on this proposal following our consultation with affected staff and their representatives, and of any further developments in relation to chiropractic. If you have any questions, please send them to


Professor Clive Baldock
Executive Dean, Faculty of Science

This message was sent and approved by Professor Clive Baldock, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science.

Contact: Clive Baldock

Phone: Ext: 9101