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iLab: your computer laboratory on the Internet

Recently we introduced iLab, Macquarie University's new approach to computer laboratories, enabling students to use Windows and Macintosh applications for their university work from anywhere on most kinds of personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Over the past month you might have noticed some initial student publicity, including iLab notices, posters and flyers around campus. Early student take-up is encouraging and we are optimistic about greatly improved personal experience.

After this initial success and technical shakedown period it is time to launch iLab and communicate its benefits to the entire university community.

The first release of iLab emulates and augments the University's existing general-purpose computer laboratories, with Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 flavours available today, improving on the Windows XP-only systems in building C5C. One of the best things about it is that if you have a Windows computer, you can still use mac.iLab and if you have a Mac you can still use win.iLab - unique in the Australian higher education landscape.

iLab 1.0 is just the beginning, offering the same set of applications with a few additions. For example SPSS, a statistical program many students need to use, is now available on both Windows and Macintosh. Adobe Creative Suite for Macintosh is available for the first time. Naturally, Microsoft Office is also available on both platforms. Future iLab releases will deliver a much larger range of applications that students need for their studies.

To find out more about iLab, including how to use it, visit

This message was sent by Mark Worwood, Product Evangelist, Informatics, and approved by Marc Bailey, Chief Information Officer.

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Phone: Ext 4357

Publish Date: 14 Nov 2011